About the Scout

Myles Lutheran - Frontier Market Scout at Eco Fuels Kenya

Myles Lutheran – Frontier Market Scout at Eco Fuels Kenya

I’m an entrepreneurial individual who has a passion in start-ups that focus on technological, socially responsible, and green initiatives. Over the past 5 years I’ve gained a background of experiences that include social enterprise, smartphone application software development and enterprise deployment, microfinance, internet marketing, the music industry and commercial/residential real estate development. I am most successful when I’m leveraging technology, being a part of collaborative teams, and thinking all around the box to solve endless lists of startup-related problems.

On my breaks from work, my traveler’s bug has taken me across the world to learn about poverty and learn from social enterprises on the ground in developing countries.  From a constantly burning, two ton pile of trash home to thousands in the capital city of the Philippines, to a two-week training program with the world’s most renown microfinance bank, to some of the poorest hospitals in the world in northern Haiti, I’ve put myself out there to embrace some of the world’s worst socioeconomic conditions and challenge myself to be an individual who contributes to improving them.

Sunset at Big Sur, California - January 2013

Sunset at Big Sur, California – January 2013

My path has brought me to my current home in Nanyuki, Kenya where I am working with Eco Fuels Kenya through the Frontier Market Scout Program.  I will be working to assist the young, opportunity-rich social enterprise find its roots between a very successful pilot year and the beginning of a full scale operation.

I hope you enjoy my Frontier Market Scout experiences at Eco Fuels Kenya through this blog.  If you have any questions, feedback, or just want a friendly greeting send to your inbox – feel free to reach out to me via Myles.Lutheran@Gmail.com at any time.  To learn more about my experiences, check out my public profile on LinkedIn.